An initial observation

It’s historic, it’s chronic, it’s its true trademark, rotary-draw bending process has always been “on the job”! A word of mouth over five decades with various pleasures on various equipment with addictive digital controls. Our Public is therefore composed of “pure self-taught” who work eternally in “closed silos”. Each one operates in his own way according to his own rules, his own feelings, his own felt, his own habits. And, no matter what, we fold tube ! Besides: … we’ve always, done like that !

Scrap ? A little. Adjustments ? A little. Time spent reproducing ? A little. An inventory of the mechanical forces in presence ? No, really no time, on a batch for the day before yesterday …

So … When the material evolves, when the thicknesses decrease, when the rays shorten. When security is required. When the old bending specialist left too early. When the Commercial wants an answer in the deep of August. When one has changed the supplier of tubes … all the limits of these empirical practices appear..

Bending training, two modules: theoretical and practical

We offer a first theoretical module to finally acquire over a day, the fundamental rules and the intangible bases of any cold bending process. Approaching Matter, its properties, their concrete impact. Demystifying the most varied equipment – with more important similarities than their particularisms. Describing the role and rules applicable for each component of a bending tool. Listing their interactions, presenting each phenomenon and explicitly demonstrating its causes. Sharing rules, simple to apply and easy to reproduce, transferring a widely proven methodology. Often hinting at the end of the theoretical module, our favorite expression: “ if someone had told me that before !

Provided with new certainties – leading to a completely different way of thinking about the process – we then invite the Trainees to participate for two or three days in a “very” practical module. Located at the foot of the Bending machine. Validating, by producing several montages – targeted upstream with our Sponsor – that each rule stated the day before, is well demonstrated in situation. And above all, that all are reproducible by each participant, having to conduct, analyze, optimize and fix this process.

Taking advantage of this rare stage – the equipment being provisionally released – useful investigations are conducted collaboratively by the group of Trainees. Major discoveries are made there, it is a constant at this stage of the practical training..

The ideal compromise

The training action “in intra” is certainly the formula best suited to the workshops of the metallurgy: it is the products chosen by our Sponsor that are the support, they are realized in his workshop, on its means of production, by its teams. We will add our insatiable desire to share acquired knowledge, tested many times on every continent, in all the major fields..

A documentary transmission

A summary document – unique in its content of about fifty pages – covering all theoretical transmissions, calculations, abacus, tables, diagrams, Listing even the convictions to keep throughout a career, is given to each of the Trainees. Each copy is registered..

A certification of internship

Specifying the exhaustive modalities of the internship, scanning the evaluations (Quiz, QCM, Continuous Control), it records the abilities acquired, between the beginning and the end of the training action.

In our “gigantic niche” containing all cold bending – and more particularly the winding process – our planetary notoriety alone will give the intrinsic value of this Certificate. Indeed, the authorities at the top of the national metallurgy do not yet offer this old Cintreur his letters of nobility, usually translated by a CQPM. And yet if they knew, the sum of skills needed to roll up to 140° a 6061 in D50.8 x 1.6 on a radius of 1D …

Our references

Our Training Organization no. 84070099907 is referenced in the DATADOCK. The above acronym is a testament to the quality of our practices with institutional funders..

Convention and financing

At his request, a “Training Agreement” is sent to our Sponsor. This contractual and regulatory document is necessary, for any external request for funding.

We remain on all these points, at your disposal..